Drop Everything Now

Drop Everything Now. A statement both written and sung by the lovely Taylor Swift,  happened to be the three words that opened the door to the greatest romance I’ve ever known. Nearly a year and a half ago, in a delayed response to a note from Trevor asking that I “just let him get to know me”,  I sent him the lyrics to this song.

Fast-forward 1.5 years.

Yesterday morning Trevor asked me to be his wife, and placed the most beautiful ring on my hand (a ring I could have only imagined in my dreams). Engraved with beautiful, cursive scripting on the inside of the band, it read, Drop Everything.

How I became the most blessed soon-to-be-Mrs. that I know:

The past couple of weeks have been the longest that I can remember. Trev was having a particularly rough quarter in the tumultuous field of technology sales, and I was finishing up the first quarter of my new role with EMC. We were tired, mentally exhausted, and in major need of one of our roadtrip getaways.

Trev told me on Wed. (September 26th) that after hours of searching for a vacant room in the prime peak of New England foliage season, he finally found an empty place to stay for the weekend in Killington, Vermont. He let me know that it probably wouldn’t be anything fancy, but at least we would be able to escape the city and life’s stresses for the weekend. It sounded like everything we needed, and I was in.

Friday came around, and after an exceptionally painful two-hour commute home in Boston’s finest display of traffic, we loaded up the car and headed north. The drive to Killington was long and quiet. With every mile driven further north, I almost physically felt the stress melting away.

After a stop for a much needed slice at Outback Pizza in Killington, we finally arrived at the Mountain Top Inn and Resort at 11:30pm Friday night. The lodge was beautiful…but once again Trev reinforced that there had not been any room for us at the nicer lodge, and we would be staying in a “so-so” little cabin that they had available in the back of the property. As we drove up the winding road to our cabin,  I could vaguely make out several rolling fields that surrounded the resort in the dark night sky.

As we pulled into the drive, I immediately noticed that the “Woodlands” was anything but an ordinary, little cabin. We unloaded our bags and walked in to find a two-floor, two-bedroom country cottage equipped with a full kitchen, ginormous living room, and a fireplace. Trev was quick to show his suprise and concern that they must have “accidentally put us in the wrong room”. This was “much more than he was expecting” and we would “talk to them in the morning to make sure we were in the right place”.  After settling into comfy pajamas and climbing into bed, we pulled the brochures out that we had been given upon our arrival at the Mountain Top Inn. As Trev read from his pamphlet, he let me know that the resort was apparently known for the phenomenal sunrise that could be seen from the peak of the main field on the property…and that we should go check it out the next morning if we were up. I delightfully agreed, and then fell into a dead sleep.

6:15 a.m. came early for me. Trev, on the other hand, was wide awake and so pumped to go see this spectacular sunrise that was “so unique” to the Inn’s location. Fighting the urge to cling to my pillow, I rolled out of bed, pulled on a pair of raggedy gray sweats, a ketchup-stained UT hoodie, threw my hair in a makeshift ponytail, and stumbled out the door to the darkened gravel road. Through groggy eyes, I started to realize the beauty of the Resort around me. The sun shed just enough light behind the hills to make out the brilliant colors that fall had brought to the trees surrounding us. We walked to a field that lay square in the middle of the property, where Trev insisted the brochure claimed the “best spot on the mountain” to watch. We leaned against a wooden-archway, adorned with flowers, and stared off over the lake, waiting for the sun to peek it’s head out over the vast fields of trees.

…And then it hit me. No… not the idea of what was possibly about to happen.

It happens about once a month, when I wake up and don’t immediately eat breakfast before going to do anything semi-active. A wave of dizziness came on without warning and I suddenly felt on the verge of fainting. I quickly sat down and put my head between my legs. After the feeling subsided, Trev helped me back to my feet, wrapped his arms around me and began talking about how he knows how stressful the last few weeks had been. He knows that I had also been a bit homesick since our trip to Austin, and (as he pulled a small blue Tiffany’s bag  from his jacket) that he wanted to remind me of his commitment to this…to us. I opened the  bag to find an identical silver band to the one he had given me the day he asked me to be his girlfriend. But this time instead of a blue sapphire stone, there was a pink sapphire. Still feeling a bit dizzy, I placed the ring on my hand and sat down on the damp grass to try to shake off the spell. I finally pulled myself back together and let him know how grateful I was of his thoughtful gift. I could see the excitement in his eyes as he then said “ohhh, I forgot to mention that I had your name engraved on the inside of this one.”

I slid the ring back off my finger, and where I expected to read the engraving of my name, there it was…plain as day, in beautiful script…’Marry Me?’.

Before I could even look up at him my eyes filled with tears. Trev was already on one knee and holding the most beautiful silver, heart-shaped box I’d ever seen. As he opened the lid, the ring literally beamed in the (now) rising sun. I could barely hold myself together long enough to listen him to tell me how he had only asked to get to know me a year and a half ago, and how grateful he was that I finally let him show me what this really was.

And there we were, where I dropped everything, and said “yes”.